Annual Meeting 2022

Every year we are happy to get together with our team at our annual meeting. This year was made so much more special by the fact that it was our first meeting in person since 2019. You can imagine the hum of excitement in the room. It was a wonderful opportunity to catch with our long time partners and to meet the new ones that started in the last 3 years.

This year’s theme was Together Towards Tomorrow. The discussion revolved around what efforts are being put forth for a strong tomorrow and also how to maintain our momentum despite the difficulties of the last few years.

Two members of our team were interviewed. We learnt what the younger generation sees for the future of MMI. It was also very nice to highlight some of the longtime members of our group that have been with for a decade or two.

One reaturning feature of our annual meetings that everyone loves is our workshops. This year was no exception. These workshops focused on equipment maintenance, new eco-friendly products, health and safety measures and work techniques. We always appreciate the opportunity to broaden our knowledge and fine tune our skills.

We look forward to meeting again next year, on October 20th 2023 !