Spring Cleaning is not just for your home!

As the days get longer and the winter starts melting away, many of us feel the need for a good Spring cleaning of our homes. But we often forget that our work environnement, commercial spaces, could also really benefit from a good scrub down. This can directly impact your business. Here are 5 benefits from giving your workplace a good Spring cleaning.

  1. Improves your health.

    Dust, mildew and mold can be a big trigger for people that are prone to allergies. Especially in commercial spaces, dust can accumulate in high, out of sight, spaces. This can really impact air quality. Getting a professional to do a good high dusting of these areas remove these pollutants and improve your health.

  2. Reduces your stress.

    Have you ever noticed how your work environnement can impact your stress level? Fingerprints on the wall or coffee stains around the coffee station can act like a nagging to do list in your mind as you’re trying to focus on your work. A fresh and clean workplace creates a stress-free zone where you can focus on the more important tasks at hand.

  3. Boosts productivity.

    The cleanliness of your direct environment has a significant effect on your brain’s processing capacity. When you are less distracted by the chaos that surrounds you, you actually free up mental space to focus on your work more fully. Therefore, decreasing clutter can decrease distractions and increase your overall productivity.

  4. Improves your mood.

    Think of the last time you walked into a spotless, fresh smelling room. How did it make you feel? Yes, a clean environment naturally boosts endorphines and improves energy levels. This can positively impact the mood of your employees and clients, making it a place where they are happy to be.

  5. Promotes a healthier lifestyle.

    A clean environment can actually move you to clean up other aspects of your life. One study conducted at the University of Minnesota in 2013 found that when people were put in a clean space, they were more likely to make healthier food choices.

Spring often makes us think of new beginnings, a time of renewal. Why not bring that breath of fresh air to your workplace? Our team of experts will happily guide you towards the best options for your needs and budget.