GROUPE MMI has an already well-established structure to serve all regions, near and far, in the province of Quebec. For more than 30 years, the MMI solution has proven itself.


In city centers and distant regions, our professional teams are at your service. In addition, our mobile teams are available 24/7 for any emergency offering you continuous service.


It is in the choice of our products that we ensure the well-being of the environment and your health. We choose biodegradable products to help keep our planet clean.

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For over 30 years, Group MMI has been offering a multitude of services related to commercial cleaning. We are privileged to serve over 1300 sites in Canada, some for over 25 years.


Group MMI is focused on continuing to improve its methods and techniques through tailored training programs, research and development. By staying abreast of market needs and trends, our team is able to anticipate potential problems. Our proactive approach allows us to offer a personalize program that is affordable and of high quality.


We consider all our customers as having a central place within our company. We aim for long-term business relationships. To achieve this, we prioritize human relationships and transparency. With a human’s first culture, you are our priority at all times.


What sets us apart from our competitors is that we always seek to challenge the status quo. We don’t just satisfy our customers’ expectations. We want to surpass them!


Group MMI offers a high quality of service, respecting the scope of work and responding quickly to emergencies and unforeseen events. We make a great team.


Christopher Lake

We recommend Group MMI. With them, peace of mind is not just a promise. It is a reality!


Jean Martin
IGA Extra Market

Group MMI … does an excellent job of managing and supervising the Dollarama account. It is a pleasure to work with them because they understand our operations very well.


Ryan Favretto

One of the main things I like about Group MMI is that you are reliable and you do what you say you are going to do.


Luc Briand

What I appreciate at Group MMI is the quality of the work done but, above all, the availability of the management team. When I call, I can speak directly to someone and things happen immediately. I like their flexibility and the quality of their work is really superior to the


Tony Palamaro


Since its foundation, GROUPE MMI has always aimed for excellence and has the satisfaction of all its customers very much at heart. GROUPE MMI has the privilege of serving a large clientele in a wide variety of fields. We consider that all our customers have a privileged place within our company.



Our BHAG is to be the best reference in commercial cleaning by promoting a human’s first culture. We work together to ensure peace of mind for all our customers through impeccable and professional quality service.

Core Competencies

To keep abreast of the most recent innovations and trends in our industry, we have a research and development team whose objective is to optimize:

Our techniques

Reduce our environmental footprint by encouraging the efficient use of natural resources: energy, water, raw materials and paper.

Our tools

Reserve the most important tasks for the human and reassign the more repetitive ones to the robotic devices.

Our products

Ensure that they promote sustainable development by increasing their efficiency while reducing their consumption. Your health is our priority.

Our partnerships

Collaborate with renowned suppliers for their technological advances in order to simplify communication, speed up execution and reduce costs.

Discover the MMI experience. You will not be disappointed.